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Best Palmist in Chandigarh

People always get curious to know their future and see what is destiny holding for them. Out of people’s inquisitiveness, this predictive science has reached to zenith. There are various methods and tools to predict your future and personality traits. Palm reading is on such method widely in use today and DR.Amit Verma is the best palmist available in Chandigarh. And study of palm is known as palmistry, also known as Chiromancy. He has inspected thousands of hands till the time and that too with 100% accurate predictions. He is well-known for up to mark predictions in Chandigarh. He is in this field for almost two decades and widely known by famous Punjabi personalities. He has a huge client base in the US, Canada, UK, Russia, India, Thailand, Singapore, and many other countries. He says that Our Karma creates our lines and each line has a deep meaning and gives meaningful aspects to life. Every human hand possesses a unique line with its unique meaning.


Those who have hands will surely possess the following main lines:

  1. Heart Line

It is also known as the “love line” and the “skyline”.

It is known for indicating the emotional state of a native and it is located at the top of the hand.

  1. LifeLine

It is also called the “Earth Line”.

This line goes around your thumb and indicates your liveliness. It is located just under your heart line. It indicates the status of your health. It strategically tells if you have an optimistic or a pessimistic approach in life.

If your lifeline is deep, long, and in continuity; it means he or she has a long life and good health.

Similarly, if the line is short and shallow, it states the bad constitution of the native.

  1. HeadLine

It is also known as the “reason line” and “people line”. 

It shows your mentality and is located at the center of your hand i.e.; below the heart line. It represents the organizational power and judgment of a person.

  1. Fate Line

It is also known as the Line of Stability. It indicates the stability and instability of life that you create. It is located at the center of the hand and running towards your middle finger.

And the curvy and straightness of the line shows your flexibility. For example, if you have a curvy heart line that means you are open and emotional in nature and if you have a straight heart line, then you possess a bit guarded and reserved nature.

 Similarly, a curvy headline expresses creativity, and a straight headline points towards one’s rational thinking.

Depth and Length of Palm Lines

The deeper and darker means the more stable your personality is. Such as if a person possesses a deep heart line, it indicates he or she has strong emotional capabilities whereas a person with a lighter heart line is more sensitive and vulnerable.

 And length depicts your intelligence, longer headline depicts more intelligence, and shorter means you face trouble focusing.

Dominant Hand

If you want to look for your present moments, follow what your dominant hand says. However, both palms play a significant role in life. Sometimes lines on both hands shift along with the changes you go through in your life. And if you want to track those changes, I would like you to take a snap of your palms in daylight at a regular interval of time and see the changes. DR.Amit Verma is master of Palmistry, he has received certain recognitions in this field as well. You must give in a visit to know your fate with his accurate and reliable predictions.
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