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Best Kundli Maker

Kundli is a plan of your life which tells a lot about important achievements likely to happen in your future. The main course subject in astrology is Kundali or Horoscope. Your entire future can be predicted accurately through the vast study of your stars, houses, and planets. Even your past can be predicted through your Kundali. Kundali is also famous with several other names such as Birth Chart, Janampatri, or Natal Chart. Your Janampatri represents the graphical description of your planets in different houses. 

A certified astrologer will always use your Kundali to make accurate predictions about your life’s major upcoming events. The Astrologer Amit Verma is the best Kundali making specialist in Chandigarh. He makes the best and precise Kundali for every occasion. Be it for baby birth, marriage, or career counseling; he is the one-in-all guide to the rescue of your problems. As you know, Kundali plays an important role in Hindu families. Hindus always look forward to making the best Kundali for their child with 100% accuracy. Kundali Making is more like a mandatory custom to Hindu families. Mostly, Kundalis are made by parents at an earlier stage to prevent any kind of Dosha or troubles in a child’s life.

DR.Amit Verma is a doctorate in Astrology, who is a white-collars specialist in Kundali-making for 17 Years. People from all around the globe consult him about their life problems. He also facilitates online calling on his toll-free no: +91 9878641367 for those who can not consult him in person. His toll-free number is operative 24*7 online. And his precisions are always up to the mark. He has intense knowledge of Kundali Making as well as other astrological subjects. 

As you already know, there come so many hardships in finding the best Kundali Maker in today’s time. DR.Amit Verma is a renowned Kundali Maker who never does false forecasting merely due to monetary benefits.  He is full of wisdom and believes in instant Karma. His passion for preventing others’ troubles has led his way towards astrology. He has been practicing it for 17 straight years in this field. He has done many miracles with his clients residing in both India & overseas.

He is best in describing a person’s attributes or character traits through the Kundali. He has mastery in Numerology, Gemology, Black Magic, Tarot Cards, Palmistry, Face Reading, and many more in the row. He is the best Kundali Making specialist for those who are facing trouble in their marriages, be it love or arrange, DR.Amit Verma has a sure-shot way to fix your problems. He also helps in delivering permanent solutions to solve your business problems. He has also sorted out hundreds of family conflicts, resultantly are in a tranquil state now.

DR.Amit Verma will only ask for your name, birth date, and time if you do not have a Kundali or Janampatri yet. He will thoroughly study your Kundali and after analyzing certain issues(if any). He will notify you of it and certainly aid you with its rescue method. As I said earlier, he is a wise man and will only ask for a Pooja or Hawan to fix your planetarian effects.


It is a graphical representation, which demonstrates your in-house situation of Sun, Moon, and all universe. It will tell about the place of certain Doshas such as Shani in your home. It basically pertains to the specific date, time, and location of the birth of a person. Therefore, Kundli is just like an individual’s Karmic Map. The Kundali is comprised of 12 houses and the yearly route of the sun around your house. 

Kundali Making is a complex process that requires monumental expertise, thus it can be created by those who are well experienced in this field such as our astrologer Amit Verma.


It’s a blueprint of your life and happenings. The mere purpose of Kundali is to provide you details about your life’s crucial aspects such as employment, education, marriage, health, longevity, etc.

It can provide you the insight into what good or bad can happen to you. Kundali Making is recalled as a precautionary step to save your life from any harm.

It entirely depends upon an individual, if he wants to make the most of it or not. You may take your favorable time into account and get the best advantage of it. Or you might be warned of some bad occurrences through your Kundali. The major advantage is that it is mostly used during fixing a marriage for a suitable girl or a boy. Through their Lakshans, you can easily get to know if another person is suitable for you to marriage or not. Thus, Kundali Making is assuredly an important tool in Hindu Community