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Best Horoscope Prediction

Today, so many people read their horoscope to know what their fortune holds for them. This is done to prepare themselves for the upcoming challenges in life or be able to grab the opportunity available to them. DR.Amit Verma is the best horoscope astrologer in Chandigarh working online and offline for your assistance. He has a huge client base overseas such as in the US, UK, Germany, Hungary, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, and many more. Gone are the days when you had to see an astrologer in-person to know your horoscope, just make an on-call appointment at his contact number 9878641367 and you are good to go with him.

As you know, horoscope are based on the position of your stars, and planets at the time of your birth. These predictions tell about the general personality you possess and the major upcoming events of life. Now, you must be thinking about why people read their horoscope on a regular note? Let me make it clear to you that the daily predictions are based upon the movement of the moon, it changes sign after every 2 to 3 days. It is believed that the moon has a strong influence on our feelings and behavior, responsible for day-to-day mood alterations that result in the change of work-life and relationship status. Moon’s actions are fruitful when we are resonating well with its energy. Always make a lead in a relationship, an interview, or a business deal if the moon is working on your side, else never. After the sun and the ascendant, the moon is considered the third most important planet.

Two phases of the moon:

  1. Waxing Phase 
  • Known for indicating fresh starts and good luck.
  • Suggests that good energies are in your favor.
  1. Waning Phase
  • Indicating the fall.
  • It is a time of decrease that means for the things that are ending.
  • Fewer energies for activities.

Why DR.Amit Verma for Horoscope predictions?

We know that experience is important and it always matters in every field of life. Similarly, honorable DR.Amit Verma has a complete 17 years of experience in astrology and he is also a doctorate in Vedic Astrology pursued from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Having this many years of experience in astrology itself states that he will certainly examine your chart without any mistake. He has a unique way of delivering the information to you and your chart interpretations in the most feasible approach. He speaks in your language, not the typical astrological terms that are almost impossible to understand by you.

Plus, he combines up the horoscope predictions with free counseling for your betterment. He will truly guide you with the rescue of your problems. He helps you in self-examining and impart the positivity in you. Also, he is an expert in Love Horoscope Predictions.

He also tells about the compatibility and non-compatibility of signs.

To get in touch with him, please contact 9878641367 or drop a mail at