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Best Face Reading

Astrologer Amit Verma has the ability to interpret someone’s face and can lead you to better insights into your behaviors or characteristic traits. He is highly accurate in predicting your feelings, emotions under every circumstances, and your attitude towards them. Face Reading is also known as physiognomy. Every person has a unique facial features,thus depicting a unique personality, character, feeling, or attitude. As you know your current state of mind is always well reflected onto your face, if you are happy or sad, your expressions itself will reveal that. There lies the permanent lines on your face depicting your degree of expression and feelings. And study of face reading makes you understand someone’s thought process ad feelings. 

DR.Amit Verma is the best face reading astrologer based in Chandigarh and serves worldwide through its online services and known for making accurate predictions on your vital issues. He just takes a few minutes to express yourself better than yourself. He has read thousands of faces and is a Phenomenal Face Reading Astrologer. He will know you more than your spouse or parents and that too within a split of second. He has accessed this ancient secret through the passionate learning of Art of Face Reading. He also facilitates training for impassioned students who want to pursue their career towards astrology.

In this small world, we all are a little judgemental towards the color and body structure of others. And sometimes by the content of the characters of someone. We sometimes have had that gut feeling about someone or something that is about to happen. We all do tricky reading at some level, however, higher accuracy is yet to be attained. We all learn to survive through our instincts and hope, and if we lose that hope in life, we lose interest in everything. We are all indulged in unconscious reading and DR. Amit Verma is a conscious reader unlike us. He is a master of psychological and behavoural prospects. 

Do you know that different parts of faces represent different aspects of our life? As eyes are the first thing we come in contact to someone and they represent success to millennials. Our eyes plays a major role in depicting our personality. Thus facial features reading depicts unspoken communication. You sometimes prior get to know if someone will deceive you or not, you unconsciously read that sometimes and that warning works pretty well sometimes.

Through face reading, you get to know the core as well as peak potential of a person. 

Face reading is a major tool also used by police in many countries to get to know about the real thugs and robbers.


DR.Amit Verma’s expertise is not limited to face reading only, he is also a Palm Specialist, body language reader, Tarot card reader, and many more. Here is the insight to describe the intent to which a face can be read:

  • shapes are considered to tell you if your personality or characteristic trait sets fit into your role or job description. Your head could be in a round, oval, or square shape.
  • Shape is actually your overall personality structure. The Square shape depicts the level of practicality, Oval depicts sensitivity and flexibility, Rectangular reveals your steadfastness or ambitions, whereas round face denotes easy going and willing to please personalities.
  • are called the windows of the soul. The unique features like color, size, shape, angle, etc. depict how your heart feels over certain things. It tells about your inner and outer world interactions like how you might respond to specific situations or circumstances. The extent of worries, fierceness, happiness can be well examined through eye reading. Also, the warm or large brown eyes are considered the most prominent feature someone could possess.
  • play an equally important role as other parts, it depicts the degree of communication between one’s feeling and thinking. You simultaneously lift your thoughts while lifting your brows.

The left side of the brain is responsible for calculations or logical thinking whereas the right side of your brain is capable of controlling your imagination, emotions, and intuitions.

Also, if people have different looking right or left sides of their face sides means there is an inner conflict that needs to be resolved. And they possess varying perspectives about their life and professionalism. 

DR.Amit Verma knows much more than only this. You will certainly be amazed by his precise predictions and intellectual superiority. He says that Professional Face Reading is the authentic form of communication. And to get succeeded in your life, marriage, education, job; you must explore yourself first.

To get to know what your own face says, you may surely get in touch with DR.Amit Verma through his number: +91 9878641367. Or you may certainly drop a mail for any query at You may also enroll yourself in our Face Reading Course, for that you may call upon mobile number: +91 9878641367.