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Best Face Reading Specialist in Chandigarh

Talking about examining someone’s feelings and mood, the first and foremost name that strikes our mind is Dr. Amit Verma who is known as the Best Face Reading Astrologer in Chandigarh. He happens to be on the top list of all Hindu families. He is so perfect in his art of living that he can detect everything about a person by looking at his/her face. He says that every facial feature has a psychological and unique meaning. 

Face reading is also called physiognomy. He is a wonderful creature who can detect your behavioral and characteristic traits. He has a God-gifted power that he can detect your feelings, emotions, and your attitude towards them. Dr. Amit Verma serves all over the country and abroad in his most unique way. He has a special sense that he can make come out all your aspects being negative or positive. Every day he comes across thousands of people and read their faces to make predictions. His works are excellent and are full of life that he is the Best Face Reading Astrologer. He remains so busy and preoccupied that he doesn’t have time to take rest. In his entire life devoted to astrology, he has had made people come out of depression and live their life to the fullest. He surprises everyone by giving accurate results and to his knowledge, we are just tiny creatures with certain traits known to be living our lives in disguise and hope at the same time. He is a master that he would come to know all about you in just seconds and would also show you the right path in life. 

Dr. Amit Verma gives brief insights into face reading and there are numerous little things that describe us in a way different from others. A genius in the field of astrology, he has served millions and billions by far as happens to be the most admired astrologer. He is not limited to Face Reading only, rather he has expertise in Palm Reading, Tarot Card reading, Black Magic, Kundli making, etc. 

Face Reading Perceptions

Different parts and features of our face tells a lot about us. Here are some in brief:

  • HEAD: It tells you about your personality or character traits whether you fit into your job or role. It depends on head shapes which can be oval, round, or bent/square.
  • FACE: It defines your overall personality. The square shape tells about your practicality, the oval shape tells about your flexibility and sensitivity, round tells about easy-going and willingness to please everyone. 
  • FOREHEAD: If it is broad, then you think in an open-minded way and might have a different way of thinking.
  • EYEBROWS: These are also important for perceiving. These infer the communication degree between an individual’s feeling and thinking. It is believed that when you lift your eyebrows you lift up your thinking too.
  • EYES: These are known as the window to the soul of a person. The color, size, and shape infer how your heart feels in certain situations. It tells about your willingness, happiness, sadness, jealousy, worrying extents and also about your inner and outer world interactions.
  • NOSE: It tells about someone’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • LIPS: People with thinner lips are more focused in life while those with broader lips are talkative in nature.
  • JAW LINE: It infers your ability and willingness to do something.

Apart from these features, there is much more to explore. Face reading is regarded as the best way of communicating. To know more you must get in touch with Dr. Amit Verma through his toll-free number: 9878641367 or drop a mail at 

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