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The Lal Kitab(Red Book) is the set of five spiritual books and it is a vital branch of Vedic Astrology. These five books consist of verses and remedies for all the life problems we day to day deal with. The planetary movements have much significance while the birth of a child takes place. The current Dasha of planets and stars together build up his or her birth chart, which is further responsible for future occurrences either good or bad. The birth chart is also called the natal chart and Kundali in Hindi. Similarly, if someone faces obstacles in his or her life during his or her business period, that must be due to doshas in his Kundli. Those obstacles could be cut-throat competition, how you appeal to your client, your personal mind thoughts, and many others. But, the Lal Kitab is the only sure-fire way to deal with and overcome those obstacles. And, DR.Amit Verma is the best Lal Kitab Astrologer in Chandigarh who knows all the Lal Kitabremedies to your business problems.

 Also, there is a list of successful businessmen all around the world who consult with DR.Amit Verma through and through for all their business ventures. His current clients are based in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Singapore, etc. whose success is at peak only due to the prescribed remedies by DR.Amit Verma. 

Below is the list of some of his effective Lal Kitab remedies for business growth:

  • The recommended God to worship for wealth and success is Shani Dev( Lord Saturn) as well as Maa Lakshmi. Both are known for wealth and prosperity. Also, there are assigned days to them as Saturdays are known to worship Shani Maharaj and Fridays are for Maa Lakshmi.

Light up Diya of desi ghee on Friday and Sarson ka tel on Saturday. 

  • Also, it is recommended to offer Yellow flowers to Surya Dev and Bananas to cows on Thursdays, because yellow color is considered to bring goodness as it is the color of hope and happiness. 
  • You must feed water, millets, rice, or any other available cereal to birds.
  • On Mondays, offer milk to Shivling and have fast for 16 straight Mondays.

Also, there are hundreds of Lal Kitab remedies for your business growth depending upon the cause and root of your problem. Therefore, you must give a visit in person to DR.Amit Verma for the best suitable remedy for your business growth. For appointments, please call him at +91 98786 41367 or drop him a mail at

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