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People born under the supremacy of Mars are considered Manglik and Manglik Dosha is the adverse impact of Mars on them. Manglik Dosha’s great consequence is observed during marriages as Mangliks face tremendous trouble getting married. In Hindus, it is specifically asked if your ready to-be married child is Manglik or not. Despite all the capabilities ( your child possesses), the match would get rejected if he or she is found to be Manglik. It is such a big Dosha so far. However, consulting the Best Kundli Maker DR.Amit Verma might help you resolve your Dosha through some intricate remedies. He is the best Jyotish in Chandigarh who is delivering his services worldwide. He has an established client base in London, Canada, the US, Thailand, Europe, Australia, and many in the row. 


The question arises whether you are a Manglik or non-Manglik? And to know this you must possess your Kundli or birth chart or a natal chart. You can share it with DR.Amit Verma to know if you are under the influence of Mars i.e. Manglik or not. Also, if you do not have your birth chart or a Kundli yet, you certainly need not worry about it as our Astrologer Amit Verma is a pro in accurate kundli making. He is best known for 100% accuracy and favorable results through his remedies. Do not spare a second and mail him right away for your perfect Kundli making.


As per ancient astrology, it is said that Mangliks have strong negative impacts on their spouse’s life. Your Mangal Dosha can harm your partner terribly. It can even cause their death. Heavy accident cases are reported every year in this case. A Manglik can not marry a Non-Manglik. Certain love marriages also fail under these circumstances. 


Manglik is intended to marry a Manglik. Otherwise, they are said to wait until their thirties or a certain time period to eliminate the Mangal effect from their life. Every person deals with different remedies or solutions to cope up with their Mangal Dosha. It is entirely dependent on their horoscope predictions.

To know about your Manglik dosha, get in touch with our expert astrologer DR.Amit Verma as soon as possible. You may call him at +91 9878641367 or mail him at

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